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Teacher and Principal Supports

CDE has created a suite of materials to ensure schools and districts have access to the latest information and resources to support with teacher and principal trainings. Each PowerPoint includes pertinent talking points that may be used to customize your presentation and any companion resources necessary to complete the training.

Professional Practices Training Materials

Measures of Student Learning Training Materials

  • The Measures of Student Learning PowerPoint takes a deep dive into the five steps for determining measures of student learning. It also includes an example of determining a final educator effectiveness rating – the method for aggregating the 50 percent professional practices with the 50 percent measures of student learning.
  • The Assessment Inventory is an Excel spreadsheet that helps teachers and district staff identify assessments that might be used in educator evaluation.
  • The Assessment Review Tool is an Excel spreadsheet that walks educators through a series of criteria to help ensure whether an assessment is fair, valid and reliable. The criteria includes: Alignment to Colorado Academic Standard and Depth of Knowledge, Scoring, Fair and Unbiased, and Opportunities to Learn.
  • The Student Learning Target and Scale Setting Activity walks participants through the steps in determining a target and scale based on given sets of data.
  • The Measures of Student Learning Tool is an Excel tool designed to support schools and districts in selecting and weighting assessments and determining appropriate scales.