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Educator Effectiveness Office

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The annual rollover and system updates in COPMS/RANDA will take place July 15th - July 31st. During this time the system will not interface with IdM and no changes (removal/addition) to staff rosters should be made during this time.

Educator Effectiveness Office

Welcome to the Office of Educator Effectiveness. The primary goal of educator effectiveness  (EE) and educator evaluations is to provide meaningful feedback that supports educators to continually grow as professionals. The Great Teachers and Leaders Act (Senate Bill 10-191) and the Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade Licensed Personnel Performance Evaluations Act (Senate Bill 22-070) are the groundbreaking legislation that established the guiding statutory requirements for educator evaluations in Colorado.

We honor the local values, vision, and mission of all Colorado school districts and BOCES. Through our team of regional specialists, we provide responsive side-by-side support to all Colorado school districts and BOCES, and tailor our work to meet the local needs with as much flexibility as possible.

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Educator Evaluation 101

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Resources for Evaluators

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