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Multiple Pathways to Graduation

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Developing multiple pathways requires creating programs, schools or systems that are tailored to address the major factors contributing to student drop-outs.  

Using data and needs assessments as a guide, school leaders can chose pathways that are most appropriate for the needs of their students.  

  • If data indicates drop-outs are over-age and under-credit schools and districts may look for strong credit recovery options.
  • If students work to support themselves or their families schools and districts may consider flexible scheduling and evening classes
  • If data suggest student disengagement, CTE programs or other real-world learning opportunities may keep students in school who would otherwise dropout.   

It is important for schools to consider the needs of their special populations including, but not limited to, differently abled students, pregnant or parenting teens, homeless students or students who have been incarcerated. 


When schools and districts provide students with options these multiple pathways allow students to customize their education to meet their unique needs and circumstances and gain real-world knowledge, skills, and experiences.


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