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S-EBT Data Collection


Summer EBT was established as a permanent, nationwide program by the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023. The program aims to reduce summer hunger by providing families with a grocery benefit similar to SNAP to feed their children when school is not in session. It was first piloted in 2011 in select states and proved so successful at reducing food insecurity and improving diet quality that it was slowly expanded to additional states. The summer component of Pandemic EBT, which operated on a similar model as Summer EBT and took its place from school year 2021 through school year 2023, also proved successful in supporting families. Pandemic EBT ended in summer 2023 following the end of the COVID-19 public health emergency, but beginning in 2024, all states and territories can participate in Summer EBT.


  • Summer 2024 Collection: Open April 1, 2024 - April 30 2024
  • Corrections Period: Open May 22, 2024 - August 30, 2024

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