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State-Funded Preschool in Colorado


What is the Colorado Preschool Program (CPP)?

CPP is a state-funded, district-run, preschool program. CPP is intended to serve preschool-aged children who are at risk of starting elementary school unprepared due to individual or family factors. Eligibility determination and the enrollment process are coordinated at a local level.

To find out about CPP options in your community, use the Family Contact Directory to find the school district representative who can help you.

What is Preschool Special Education and Child Find?

Preschool special education is a state and federally mandated program for three and four-year-old children who are experiencing challenges in their learning and development and meet state eligibility criteria for special education and related services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child eligible for CPP?

Child and family qualifying factors must be present in a child’s life in order for a child to be fit for CPP. These factors are determined by the legislature and are not based on income alone. Learn more about legislated eligibility criteria.

What are the age requirements for CPP?

The eligibility date for preschool is the same as the eligibility date for kindergarten in your district. A child must be 3, 4 or 5 by the district's kindergarten age cut-off date, which can be no later than October 1.

  • If a child is three years old, the child must have three significant family risk factors in their life that put him or her at risk for later school challenges. 
  • If a child is served as a four- or five-year-old, the child must be age-eligible for kindergarten the next year and have one significant family risk factor present in their lives. They may only participate in CPP for one year.
  • If a child is old enough to attend kindergarten, they cannot be funded by CPP to attend the second year in preschool.

If my family moves, will my child stay in CPP?

Since each school district manages its own program, your child’s spot in CPP cannot be transferred. If you move to a new school district, you will need to go through the enrollment process again in the new district. Because resources are limited, availability for placement cannot be guaranteed when a family moves from district to district.

    Resources for Families


    The PLAYbook contains information and activities that anyone caring for young children – including parents, siblings, guardians, grandparents, babysitters, neighbors, and family friends - can use to prepare children to be successful when entering kindergarten. The PLAYbook contains activities and information that are designed to get caregivers thinking about building the child’s skills in the locations where they spend time together, using what they may already have around their home through play. Please reach out to with any questions.

    English Version Spanish Version

    The PDF file is interactive, allowing users to take notes or use the checklists and interactive tools digitally! The PLAYbook can also be downloaded and printed.

    Finding Childcare

    Find Child Care -  Colorado Office of Early Childhood. Child Care Resource and Referral agencies work to connect you with quality early learning programs, like child care and preschool, valuable local resources, and tips for choosing a child care facility.

    Head Start

    Head Start programs provide wide-ranging services for low-income children from birth to elementary school at no cost. The program is child-centered, family-focused, and community-based.Use the Head Start Program Locator to find Head Start Programs. 

    PEAK Parent Center

    PEAK Parent Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that has been serving families and self-advocates across the State of Colorado, and beyond, since 1986.Since its inception, PEAK has maintained a steadfast commitment to ensuring that people with all types of disabilities can be fully included in their neighborhood schools, their communities, and in all walks of life. We welcome you to learn more