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Training Program from the CDE Advisory List of Professional Development for Administrators and Principals


13.01(D)(2)(c): Successfully completed a training provided by CDE or included on the advisory list of rigorous professional development programs provided by CDE pursuant to section 22-7-1209(2)(c) and passed the end of course assessment of learning.


Educators will submit evidence of meeting the evidence-based training requirement to the CDE through the Colorado Online Licensing (COOL) system. 

Important Dates for Administrators and Principals

August 1, 2024: evidence-based training designed for school administrators in the science of reading must be completed

August 15, 2024: documentation must be submitted to the Colorado Online Licensing (COOL) system


  • District/BOCES selects a professional development option from the CDE advisory list of approved professional development that meets the requirement of the evidence-based training for administrators and principals.
  • District/BOCES contracts with the vendor to provide the training to administrators and principals.
  • The District/BOCES attends a CDE webinar to learn the following:
    • Information regarding the district’s responsibilities which include:
      • scheduling and delivering the training.
      • maintaining records of administrators and principals who participated in the training, completed the training and passed the end of course assessment.
      • Providing a CDE-approved certificate of completion.
    • Webinar Recording (15 minutes) Webinar Slides (PDF)
  • District/BOCES completes the submission form to request the stamp of approval to be added to the certificate of completion. 
  • District/BOCES provides certificates of completion to those who have successfully completed the training and passed the end of course assessment.
  • District maintains a record of which administrators and principals have met this requirement.
  • District reports this information to the CDE upon request.

Please note: administrators and principals must retain all documentation.

  • Administrator or principal completes the training and takes the end of course assessment earning a passing score.
  • Administrator or principal receives a certificate of completion that also notes that he/she has successfully passed the end of course assessment.
  • Administrator or principal submits his/her certificate of completion through the Colorado Online Licensing (COOL) system.
    • For detailed instructions on submitting documentation to COOL, click here.
  • Administrator or principal receives and saves a copy of documentation from the CDE that demonstrates the “READ Act designation” attached to their CDE file.
  • Administrator or principal provides the district with documentation of successful completion of course requirements.

Approved Administrator Training

  • AIM Institute for Learning and Research - Pathways to Literacy Leadership, 2nd edition
    • Passing score of 80% or above
  • CORE - Reading Fundamentals Leader Institute
    • Passing score of 90% or above
  • Public Consulting Group, Inc - Building a Strong Foundation for Lifelong Literacy Success for Principals/Administrators 
    • Passing score of 80% or above 

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