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Visual Impairment, Including Blindness COVID-19 Resources

Blind/Visually Impaired (B/VI) Office Hours

Tanni Anthony has concluded the 2022-23 Sound Bite Sessions.  Sound Bites will resume in the fall; please check back for more information. 

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We are committed to supporting schools and families while in-person learning has been suspended and have gathered materials to assist in the remote instruction of students with visual impairment, including blindness.  Consistent with our mission, we are providing evidence-based practices and supports from national, state and local groups. These shared resources do not serve as CDE guidance for delivering services remotely.

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The following resources are offered for consideration during the time of remote instruction due to COVID-19. This list does not comprehensively cover all possible resources. The listed resources are provided for information only. The Colorado Department of Education does not endorse, represent, or warrant the accuracy or reliability of any information, content, services, or other materials provided by these educational service providers. Any reliance upon any information, content, materials, products, services or vendors included on or found through this listing shall be at the user's discretion.


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Remote Teaching/Supports

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Specific VIB Populations

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For more information, please contact:

Tanni Anthony
Phone: (303) 503-4647
Email Tanni Anthony


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