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State Grants to Libraries Reporting Q&A

Q: What is the link the to the 2022-2023 online final report?

A: 2022-2023 Final Report Link

Q: I accessed the link to the online form. I want to preview the report form but I can't see the rest of the pages online without filling in the required information. Can I see what information the form requests?

A: A preview of the 2022-2023 report form is available here (PDF).

Q: I haven't received a link to the online form. How do I fill out the report?

A: A link to the online form is sent to the contact person named on the Eligibility Form. If that contact needs to change, please email Melissa Carlson with new contact information. Also, check your junk or spam folder. The online form uses Alchemer (formerly surveygizmo), which some contacts may have blocked or opted out from receiving surveys. The link will also be available on the State Grants home page in the Timeline section once the survey has been opened.

Q: Do I need to report on the number of books, e-books, databases purchased?

A: No, quantity of items purchased is no longer required. Only the amount paid for format.

Q: Do I report Tumblebooks as e-books or as a database?

A: A database. Overdrive is another example that would be reported as a database.

Q: I purchased a book and received an e-book of the same title as part of the purchase price, how should that be reported?

A: Split the purchase price between books and e-books in the Amount Paid section.

Q: What types of stories or data are you looking for in the benefits of funding question?

A: Examples of impact/benefit of funding are:

  • Circulation of children's books increased x% from 2020-2021
  • Average publication date of juvenile non-fiction titles went from 2000 to 2010
  • With the new books we purchased for the summer learning theme, we saw participation rise from 250 to 340 children
  • We were able to get more books in Spanish / more books aligned with the common core standards / more books that patrons or students requested
  • This funding allowed us to start a circulating backpack program / start offering e-books / start offering a database
  • A member of the community noted to staff that with all the new titles he comes in more often and recommends the library to his friends
  • With all the new YA book series available a formerly reluctant reader has become a library regular and has started requested new books for the library to purchase

Q: How much information should I list about particular staff members or patrons when entering anecdotal stories or examples of the impact of funds?

A: When entering in examples, do not use the people's common/actual names so that there are not concerns about personally identifiable information (PII).

Q: Do I need to submit any supporting documentation of my purchases along with my final report?

A: While you should keep the receipts/documentation at your library for your records, it is not to be submitted for the final report.

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Updated 2/2/2023