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HESTL Principal Collaboration Credential Criteria

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HESTL Principal Collaboration Credential Criteria

School leadership support is an essential component of a highly effective school library program. School principals can earn the HESTL Principal Collaboration credential by demonstrating exceptional collaboration, support and advocacy for the teacher librarian as a leader and instructional partner. 

When a teacher librarian earns the HESTL school designation, the school leader participating in the HESTL application process will be considered for the Principal Collaboration Credential. The credential is awarded based on the following criteria:

  • School leader narratives include concrete examples of how the school library program positively impacts students and the school community.

  • School leader narratives demonstrate an understanding that sustaining a highly effective school library program requires continual support and collaboration. 

  • Teacher librarian evidence demonstrates collaboration between the school leader and the teacher librarian to develop the school library vision and goals. 

  • Teacher librarian evidence includes concrete examples of administrative support for the school library program.

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For more information about the Highly Effective School Library Program, contact:

Tammy Langeberg, Highly Effective School Library Coordinator