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Colorado Public Library Standards


The Colorado Public Library Standards provide both minimum standards for libraries in the Definition of a Public Library in Colorado and developmental standards in which a library can examine its current services and set goals for a better level of service for the local community. The standards describe best practices for achieving excellence.

Each standard has a short introductory section followed by a checklist. As an aid in planning, the checklist provides a means by which library stakeholders can discuss and determine how their library has addressed or should address that standard. In some cases, libraries will surpass the recommendation; in others, libraries may find other ways to address that recommendation, or may decide that the recommendation is not relevant or meaningful in their community. It is recommended that Library Directors review each one of the standards by bringing them one by one to their board meetings throughout the year. 

Learn About the Colorado Public Library Standards

Explore the 2016 Colorado Public Library Standards

There are eleven standards to guide you in planning and operating your library. Each area of the Colorado Public Library Standards includes an outcome statement, overview, and checklist. 


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