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Request For Funds Forms (RFF)

Grants Fiscal strives to process reimbursement requests within 30 days from the DUE DATE of the type of request as stated below (i.e., either the 1st or the 15th of the month). However, current staffing shortages, both in GFMU and in CDE's Accounting unit, may increase our processing times somewhat. Please plan accordingly, and we thank you for your patience.


Links to Request for Funds

If you are requesting funds using one of the forms you have not used before, you must create a log in to that form. The log in information can be the same as the other forms, but you must go through that process when you first access each separate form. 

Grant Type


RFF Due Date
Consolidated Federal Programs (ESSA)
Connecting Colorado Students 
Elementary & Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER, ESSER Supplemental, ESSER II, ESSER II Supplemental, ESSER III)
Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund
GEERS Quality Teacher
EANS (Emergency Aid to Non-Public Schools)
1st of the month
Empowering Action for School Improvement (EASI)
New Process
15th of the month
Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA)
ESSER II Supplemental for AUs
1st of the month
All Competitive Grants
15th of the month


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