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Technical Assistance Requirements and Resources

Colorado Charter Schools Program Grant: Technical Assistance Requirements

Thank you for visiting the Technical Assistance Requirements and Resources page. This page provides guidance to current CCSP grant recipients on the technical assistance expectations and requirements during their grant cycle

CCSP Grant Programmatic Technical Assistance Requirements

The following boxes will provide an overview of technical assistance requirements for the duration of your grant 3-year cycle. Please be advised requirements look slightly different for 2-year grant recipients, as you will complete some year 1 implementation and year 2 implementation requirements simultaneously.

Technical Assistance Resources

Archived Events

Did you miss a technical assistance event? Please use one of the below links to access our past events. Note that if you would like to receive technical assistance credit, you will need to complete a CCSP Grant Training Request Form. Submit this form along with a detailed reflection. Please send completed form to Allow at least ten business days for review. For more guidance, see the "Training Request Form Directions."

Technical Assistance Contacts

Charter Schools Program, Senior Consultant, Lead Trainer

Gisa McCray Simmons

Sub-grant Monitor & Charter School Support

Tanesha Bell