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Administrator Mentoring Cohort (AMC) and Induction Programs


In addition to fulfilling a technical assistance requirement for our Colorado Charter School Program (CCSP) grant recipient schools, the Administrator Mentoring Cohort (AMC) is an induction program for charter school administrators. Charter school leaders who successfully complete the AMC induction program will be recommended for professional principal's licensure.

Beyond that, the AMC offers a great opportunity for professional development for established principals in Colorado's charter schools. Your voice can be a valuable asset to the conversation with new/new-to-charter-school leaders. The networking opportunity is invaluable, as you meet and connect with others who are doing the same great work within their schools. 

The AMC program utilizes the text Leverage Leadership, A Practical Guide to Building Exceptional Schools, by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo, to identify specific core ideas for charter leaders that directly support the following three goals:

  1. To provide charter leaders in start-up schools with quality support as they get their schools off the ground.
  2. For CCSP grant recipients, the AMC fulfills leadership training technical assistance requirements of the grant.
  3. To offer charter school leaders a 1-year induction program to validate their initial principal license in a way that is specifically designed to meet the unique needs and demands of the charter sector. Note: In order to be eligible for this induction program, school leaders must already hold their initial principal license and be working with an AMC approved mentor.

Additionally, the Colorado School Support Initiative (CSSI) Standards of quality charter schools are embedded into the AMC trainings. CSSI mirrors the Colorado Title I School Support evaluation process and CDE’s School Quality rubric. Specially trained teams of education experts provide schools a comprehensive evaluation based on The Standards-Based Teaching/Learning Cycle (second edition) research basis and the Colorado Standards and Indicators for Continuous School Improvement.

For charter schools, CDE has added a 9th standard covering board leadership and a 10th standard addressing charter school financial practices. CCSP sub-grantees are required to participate in a CSSI site visit during their third year in the grant program. The purpose of engaging in this process is to set a course for self-improvement in the early years of development. The CSSI process begins with an intensive three-day site visit, after which the school receives a detailed report based on the rubric with recommendations for research-based steps to improve school performance.

Requirements and Eligibility

There are six AMC trainings offered throughout each school year. There is no cost to participate in these trainings and any charter school leader who is interested may attend. 

Please note that school leaders do not need to be working at schools receiving CCSP grant funds or pursuing induction to participate in the AMC trainings. However, if you are participating in the AMC to fulfill CCSP grant technical assistance requirements or participating in the AMC induction program, the requirements for each of those programs has been outlined below.

CCSP Administrator Technical Assistance Requirements:

Grant Year Trainings Mentoring Hours
Planning Year 3 8-10
Year 1 Implementation 4 25-32
Year 2 Implementation 4 20-25

Induction Program Requirements:

  • Must hold an initial principal license and currently working in a leadership role at a charter school with that license for at least one year.
  • Attend at least one training a year with your AMC approved mentor.
  • Fulfill 32 hours within one year.

AMC Training Dates

Event dates and registration information can always be found on our Charter School Events page. This information is updated regularly as event locations are determined. 

All meetings for the 2022-23 school year will be held in-person. Location and safety protocols for these in-person meetings will be sent to attendees the day before email correspondence sent by the Schools of Choice unit. AMC participants are strongly encouraged to participate in person as it fosters genuine connections and meaningful professional development. A hybrid option via Zoom Meetings will be offered to schools that are not along with the front range or are unable to attend this in-person meeting for extenuating circumstances. In these situations, please connect Gisa McCray Simmons for the Zoom Meeting information a week before the scheduled event.

2022-2023 AMC Cohort Dates


  • Wednesday, September 7th

  • Wednesday, October 5th

  • Wednesday, November 2nd

  • Wednesday, February 1st

  • Wednesday, March 8th

  • Wednesday, May 3rd


Contact Information

If you have questions, please contact:

Gisa Simmons

Senior Consultant, Charter School Program Lead Trainer