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Board Meeting Archives - June 10, 2020

Colorado State Board of Education

View June 10, 2020 Meeting Agenda and Materials

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, this meeting was held remotely via Microsoft Teams and was live-streamed via YouTube.


  • Commissioner's Report
  • Legislative Update
  • Rulemaking Hearings:
    • 1 CCR 301-37 Rules for the Administration of the Educator Licensing Act of 1991
    • 1 CCR 301-1 Rules for the Administration of Statewide Accountability measures for the Colorado Public School System, Charter School Institute, Public School Districts and Public Schools
    • 1 CCR 301-57 Rules for the Administration of Accountability for Alternative Campuses
    • 1 CCR 301-14 Rules for the Administration of the Public School Transportation Fund
    • 1 CCR 301-86 Rules for the Administration of Concurrent Enrollment
      • * Please note that the italicized rules above are changes related to Covid-19.  Rules 1 CCR 301-37 and 86 were before the board in March for a notice of rulemaking vote.
  • Information Item: Rulemaking for the Colorado Preschool Program. Hearing is noticed for July, 2020.
  • Executive Session
  • Adjournment 

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