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Board Meeting Archives - May 13, 2020

Colorado State Board of Education

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Due to the COVID-19 crisis, this meeting was held remotely via Microsoft Teams and was live-streamed via YouTube.


  • Information Item: State Board of Education Waivers- we plan to address the two statewide waivers during this information item and then the items are on consent for a vote.
  • Commissioner's Report
  • Legislative Update
  • Information Item: Colorado Department of Education Budget Discussion
  • Action Item: Board Discussion and Vote on Zoom Privacy Concerns-Request of Board Member Durham
  • Information Items: Rules for the Administration of Statewide Accountability Measures for the Colorado Public School System, Charter School Institute, Public School Districts and Public Schools, 1 CCR 301-1; Rules for the Administration of Accountability for Alternative Campuses, 1 CCR 301-57; and Rules for the Administration of the Public School Transportation Fund, 1 CCR 301-14. These rules were noticed with the Secretary of State's office for June rulemaking hearings in order for them to be effective by August. All of these rules need to be amended because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Executive Session: The State Board of Education will convene an executive session to receive legal advice on specific legal questions pursuant to 24-6-402(3)(a)(II) C.R.S., and on matters required to be kept confidential by federal law, rules or state statutes pursuant to 24-6-402(3)(a)(III) C.R.S.
  • Action Item: Scheduling and Procedural Issues regarding the Town of Windsor vs. Colorado Early Colleges, d/b/a Colorado Early Colleges Windsor
  • Information Item: Review of Accountability Procedures 
  • Adjournment 

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