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Board Meeting Archives - February 13, 2019

Colorado State Board of Education

View February 13, 2019 state board meeting agenda and materials

Part 1


  • Legislative Update and Board Positions Regarding:
    • HB19-1134; Concerning Researching Effective Methods for Assisting Early-Grade Students with Dyslexia
    • SB19-069; Concerning Nonpublic Schools' Authority to Operate Certain Teacher Development Programs
    • HB19-1032; Concerning Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education, and, in Connection Therewith, Making an Appropriation
  • Certification of January through June, 2019, State Share Entitlements
  • Public Comment
  • Approval of School Transformation Grant Funding (EASI)

Part 2


  • Distribution of Early Literacy Grant Funds
  • Recognition of the 2018 and 2019 Colorado Teachers of the Year
  • State Board of Education Member Reports
  • Notice of Rulemaking: Rules for the Colorado Educator Licensing Act of 1991, 1 CCR 301-37
  • Notice of Rulemaking: Rules for the Administration of Educator Licensure Endorsements, 1 CCR 301-101
  • Notice of Rulemaking: Rules for the Administration of a Statewide System to Evaluative the Effectiveness of Licensed Personnel Employed by School Districts and Boards of Cooperative Services (BOCES), 1 CCR 301-87
  • Southeastern BOCES' Request for Reauthorization as a Designated Agency
  • University of Northern Colorado's Request for Reauthorization of its Traditional Educator Preparation Program
  • Disciplinary Proceedings
  • 15 Initial Emergency Authorization Requests
  • 4 Emergency Authorization Renewal Requests
  • Notice of Rulemaking: Rules for the REview of Early College Designations, 1 CCR 301-105
  • Pueblo City Schools Update on External Management Organization (EMO) Selection Process
  • Adjournment

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