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Board Meeting Archives - September 14-15, 2016

Colorado State Board of Education

Audio Recordings

September 14, 2016

2016-9-14 Board Meeting - Pt. 1 (Length: 02:09:27 | Format: MP3 | Size: 44.4 MB)

Includes: Commencement of Meeting; Approval of Agenda; Approval of Consent Agenda; State Board Relations Director Report; Interim Commissioners Report; Revised Proposed Research Evaluation Process; Public Comment; Rulemaking Hearing: Rules for the Administration of the Accreditation of School Districts, 1 CCR 301-1; Rules for the Administration of the Healthy Beverages Policy; Notice of Rulemaking for the Rules of Accounting and Reporting; Proposed Regular State Board Meeting Dates

2016-9-14 Board Meeting - Pt. 2 (Length: 03:09:21 | Format: MP3 | Size: 65.0 MB);

Includes: Disciplinary Proceedings; Presentation of National Awards of Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching; Waiver Request from Lewis Palmer (Presentation only, vote on 9/15 afternoon); Waiver Request from Wray School District (Presentation only, vote on 9/15 afternoon); Notice of Rulemaking for Rules of Administration, Certification and Oversight of Colorado Online Programs, 1 CCR 301-71; Notice of Rulemaking for Rules of Administration of the College Entrance Exam, 1 CCR 301-46; Notice of Rulemaking for Rules for the Administration of the ACT Assessment on a National Test Date, 1 CCR 301-54; Student Artist Recognition; CMAS: PARCC Contracts; Colorado Special Education Advisory Committee Report; Standards Review Discussion; Public Comment; State Board Member Reports

September 15, 2016

2016-9-15 Board Meeting - Pt. 1 (Length: 02:37:28 | Format: MP3 | Size: 54.0 MB)

Includes: Call to Order; Roll Call; Legislative Update; Colorado Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) Action Plan; Recognition of 2016 Scripps National Spelling Bee Finalists; Recognition of Colorado International Teachers' Exchange League Program; Every Student Succeeds Act State Plan Development Update

2016-9-15 Board Meeting - Pt. 2 (Length: 02:28:54 | Format: MP3 | Size:51.1 MB)

Includes: Administrative Procedures for State Board Accountability Actions; Pueblo City Schools Innovation Zone Request; Innovation Zone Application from Burlington RE-6J School District; Vote on Lewis Palmer (from Sept 14) and Vote on Wray (from Sept. 14); Adjournment.

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