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Board Meeting Archives - August 15, 2018

Colorado State Board of Education

View August 15 state board meeting agenda and materials

Part 1


  • Commencement of Meeting
  • Approval of Agenda
  • Approval of Consent Agenda
  • Commissioner's Report
  • State Board of Education Member Reports
  • Discussion of the 2019 Proposed Regular State Board Meeting Dates 
  • Morning Public Comment
  • Certification of State Share Entitlements
  • Approval of the 2019-20 Department Budget Request 

Part 2


  • Congressional Student Art Competition - Artist Recognition
  • Consideration of Appointments to the Capital Construction Assistance Board 
  • 1:30 Rulemaking Hearing: 1 CCR 301-10 English Language Proficiency Act (ELPA)
  • Approval of English Language Proficiency Act (ELPA) District Allocations 
  • 2:00 Rulemaking Hearing: 1 CCR 301-100 Teacher Grants for Computer Science Education Program
  • 2:30 Charter School Appeal: Alexandria School of Innovation vs. Douglas County School District
  •  Notice of Rulemaking 1 CCR 301-101 Educator License Endorsements
  • Notice of Rulemaking 1 CCR 301-35 Waiver of Statute 
  • Consideration of Charter School Waiver Request from the Colorado Charter School Institute on behalf of Golden View Classical Academy 
  • Notice of Rulemaking 1 CCR 301-90 Early Literacy Grant Program
  • Consideration of Appointments to the Colorado Gifted Education State Advisory Committee (GESAC)

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