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Board Meeting Archives - February 10-11, 2016

Colorado State Board of Education

Audio Recordings

February 10, 2016

2016-2-10 Board Meeting - Pt. 1 (Length: 01:56:51 | Format: MP3 | Size: 40.1 MB)

Includes: Commencement of Meeting; Approval of Agenda; Approval of Consent Agenda as Amended; Morning Public Comment; Rulemaking Hearing: Rules for the Administration of the Reading to Ensure Academic Development (READ) Act; and Recognition of Colorado's Outstanding Educators: 2015 Title I Distinguished Schools. 

2016-2-10 Board Meeting - Pt. 2 (Length: 00:43:42 | Format: MP3 | Size: 15.0 MB)

Includes: Resolution in Recognition of Former Interim Commissioner Dr. Elliott Asp; Commissioner's Report; and vote on Director of State Board Relations position. 

2016-2-10 Board Meeting - Pt. 3 (Length: 01:33:50 | Format: MP3 | Size: 32.2 MB)

Includes: Kindergarten School Readiness Reporting System and vote; Notice of Rulemaking for School Bullying Prevention and Education Grant Program and vote; Waiver Request from Jefferson County Public Schools and vote; Request from Widefield School District to for it's Innovation Application on Behalf of Talbott Elementary School and vote. 

2016-2-10 Board Meeting - Pt. 4 (Length: 01:21:05 | Format: MP3 | Size: 27.8 MB)

Includes: Request from University of Colorado Denver: ASPIRE Request for Authorization of Teacher Preparation Program in the Endorsement of Early Childhood Education and vote; Discussion on Request from the Relay Graduate School of Education for Initial Authorization as an Institute of Higher Education in the State of Colorado (item laid over for further discussion and vote on Thursday); Educator Preparation and Licensing Rules and vote; Afternoon Public Comment; and Concurrent Enrollment Overview. 

February 11, 2016

2016-2-11 Board Meeting - Pt. 1 (Length: 00:45:45 | Format: MP3 | Size: 15.7 MB)

Includes: Commissioner's Report: Legislative Update and votes and Lt. Governor's Briefing. 

2016-2-11 Board Meeting - Pt. 2 (Length: 00:41:37 | Format: MP3 | Size: 14.2 MB)

Includes: University of Virginia Data Sharing Agreement.

2016-2-11 Board Meeting - Pt. 3 (Length: 01:18:00 | Format: MP3 | Size: 26.9 MB)

Includes: Educator Effectiveness Metrics Report and School and District Performance Framework (SPF/DPF) Annual Target Setting. 

2016-2-11 Board Meeting - Pt. 4 (Length: 00:44:37 | Format: MP3 | Size: 15.3 MB)

Includes: Graduation and Dropout Rate Data Dashboards Presentation and Accountability Clock Update. 

2016-2-11 Board Meeting - Pt. 5 (Length: 00:47:54 | Format: MP3 | Size: 16.4 MB)

Includes: State Review Panel Nominations and vote; Seal of Biliteracy Resolution and vote; and Discussion on Request from the Relay Graduate School of Education for Initial Authorization as an Institute of Higher Education in the State of Colorado and vote. 

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