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Pam Mazanec Resolution

Colorado State Board of Education

Resolution Recognizing the Contribution Pam Mazanec Has Made to the Education of Children in Colorado


WHEREAS:               Pam Mazanec has served on the State Board of Education since January 2013; and


WHEREAS:               Ms. Mazanec’s passion for education began during her experience serving as PTO president and volunteering in the classroom and in sports booster clubs during her children’s years in the Douglas County School District; and


WHEREAS:               During her term of service, she served as director of Great Choice Douglas County, a non-profit organization supporting school choice; and


WHEREAS:               Ms. Mazanec, along with the Board as a whole, selected Katy Anthes as Commissioner of Education in 2016; and,


WHEREAS:               Throughout her years of service on the Board, Ms. Mazanec has been a strong advocate for schools of choice and allowing parents to direct education funds to the school that best fits their children’s needs; and,  


WHEREAS:               Ms. Mazanec strongly believes in the importance of improving civics education in Colorado and supports the addition of civics in the Colorado State Standards; and,  


WHEREAS:               Ms. Mazanec has supported the protection of privacy rights of children and parents; and


WHEREAS:               With a congressional region that covers almost a third of the state, Ms. Mazanec has been a champion for rural districts and innovative school practices to further support smaller districts in Colorado; and,  


WHEREAS:               Ms. Mazanec has the loveliest singing voice that could even turn this resolution into a beautiful aria; and, 

WHEREAS:               Over the course of her service, the State of Colorado has undergone tremendous education reforms, including the Colorado READ Act, Student Data Privacy, implementation of the Accountability Clock, and the Standards Review and Revision process. She, along with the Board, as a whole, supported the Department’s ongoing efforts to implement Colorado’s education reform agenda.  


BE IT                         
RESOLVED:              The Colorado State Board of Education formally recognizes Pam Mazanec for her five years of dedication to the children of Colorado through her service on the Colorado State Board of Education.



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