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About Colorado SAT and PSAT

PSAT & SAT Reading & Writing Test

  • The reading component is comprised of 54 questions and takes 64 minutes.
  • All Reading & Writing Test questions are four-option multiple choice and based on short reading passages.
  • Informational graphics, such as tables, bar graphs and line graphs, accompany some passages— but no math is required.
  • The Reading Test is focused on widely used words and phrases found in texts across many different subjects.

PSAT & SAT Math Test

  • The math component is comprised of 44 questions and takes 70 minutes.
  • Most math questions will be multiple choice but some — called student produced responses — will ask students to come up with the answer rather than select the answer.
  • The Math Test allows the use of a calculator on all questions. Students may continue to use their own approved calculator on test day or take advantage of the graphing calculator built directly into the test platform.
  • The math section will cover three different sections, including problem solving and data analysis, algebra, and advanced math. 

SAT Essay Test

  • The Essay component contains 1 prompt and takes 50 minutes.
  • The task is designed to mirror college writing assignments.
  • It’s optional — but some schools will require it. 
  • You won’t be asked to agree or disagree with a position on a topic or to write about your personal experience.
  • The essay prompt will ask you to read a passage and consider how [the author] uses evidence, such as facts or examples, to support claims.

Highlights of Digital Testing

  • Every student will take a unique version of the test since the test adapts to each individual student.
  • Digital test times will be shorter than the paper version. The standard test will take around 2 hours, rather than 3.
  • The reading passages are shorter with fewer questions per passage.
  • The math section will include a built-in calculator function, which students can choose to use if they don’t want to bring their own from home.
  • The Digital SAT Suite will keep the same scoring scale as the paper version.
  • Student work will not be affected mid-testing even if there is an internet disconnect or power loss.
  • Full-length practice tests for the digital version of the test will be available through the College Board website or Khan Academy.
  • Additional information on the digital SAT & PSAT Tests