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CSAP / TCAP - Scoring Information

Scoring rubrics are used to guide the scoring of each constructed response item on the TCAP/CSAP. These rubrics further guide the development of actual Scoring Guides for each individual constructed response item which contains specific information pertaining to individual items.

How are CSAP items scored? All Multiple Choice items are scanned using high speed scanners. All constructed response items are scored by trained scoring teams after a thorough training process involving Colorado teachers:

  • Anchor Review
    Each year, after the completed TCAP/CSAP booklets have been sent to the scoring center, scanned, and reviewed, teams of Scoring Supervisors bring samples of actual student work for each constructed response item to Colorado. Teams of content area teachers review these items with the Scoring Supervisors, score the sample items, provide guidance which defines the student behaviors and item characteristics for each performance level for each item. Here is where Colorado teachers may refine the individual scoring guides that item developers prepared for each item after reviewing multiple student responses to each item.
  • Scoring Team Training
    Scoring Supervisors return to the scoring center to train their teams using the "anchor papers" reviewed by Colorado teachers. The supervisors use the guidance provided by Colorado teachers with each item. Scoring teams are trained in RIBS - each assigned to a maximum of 5 items - with which they will become "experts" and score only those items until all tests are completed. They may be trained on another RIB of items should they complete a set of items.
  • Scoring of Items
    Teams score each RIB of items until the sets of items are completed in the scoring. Scoring teams apply the individual scoring guides for each item which have been refined by Colorado educators. The following activities are used to maintain the ongoing reliability of scoring between raters and within raters over time:
    • Anchor items serve reference points for each score assigned to an item.
    • Read-behinds regularly happen. Random items are double and triple scored by different scorers (with only the supervisor's awareness) The scores are analyzed for any differences in scores assigned to an item between individual scorers on each team.
    • Rater-severity items are items that have been scored in years previous and allow for analysis of scoring to be compared year-to-year

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