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Request to Reconsider and School Accreditation

Pause on 2020-21 and 2021-22 State Accountability System Due to COVID-19

A second year of Accountability Pause (2021-2022) has been authorized by the Colorado legislature. The state's accountability system has been paused for 2020-21 and 2021-22. More details on the implications of a pause in accountability are available in the links below.



Each year, the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) calculates and publishes District Performance Framework reports (DPFs), which determine district accreditation ratings. The department also produces School Performance Framework reports (SPFs) for schools, which determine school plan types. In Colorado, districts are responsible for accrediting their schools.  Districts have the opportunity to review the state identified district or school rating from the DPF or SPF.  If the district disagrees with the initial rating, then additional performance data may be submitted to CDE through the Request to Reconsider process.

While the accountability system was paused for a second year (2021-22) in response to COVID-19, the department has been allowed to offer the request to reconsider process to eligible districts and schools.  The State Board of Education has approved the Accountability Act rules to offer an amended process in 2021-22.  



2021-22 Adjusted Request to Reconsider Process 

Based upon the recommendation of the COVID-19 Policy Implications Stakeholder group, H.B. 21-1161 enables the state to offer a request to reconsider process to schools and districts on the accountability clock (i.e., Priority Improvement, Turnaround) during the second year of the accountability pause (2021- 22). This is different from previous years when the process was open to all districts regardless of plan type. While eligible schools and districts may request a new plan type, the accountability clock cannot be adjusted. For example, a school with a Priority Improvement - Y3 plan type could move to Improvement - Y3. Two consecutive frameworks at Improvement or higher would still need to be earned to fully exit performance watch. 

The department has worked with stakeholders (including the Accountability Working Group) to design an amended request process.  Currently, there are two avenues for participating in the process.

  • Expedited: This approach relies on state performance data across applicable performance framework indicators (i.e., achievement, growth, postsecondary workforce readiness). If data demonstrate adequate student participation and representativeness and meet the 2019 performance expectations, the department will notify districts of their eligibility for an expedited approval.  Further evidence (e.g., body of evidence, site visit) would not be needed.

  • Body of Evidence: This option relies on evaluation of multiple sources of information, including performance data on nationally normed local assessments, a solid improvement plan (i.e., review of Unified Improvement Plan) and a site visit by an External Review Team. This option will rely heavily on school and district involvement. 

The Request to reconsider submission deadline is September 30, 2021.  Requests that do not include all applicable criteria by the deadline of September 30, 2021 will not be accepted. All criteria must be submitted by the assigned Accountability Contact via the Accreditation Form in Salesforce, and all documentation received by that date will be considered final.

Guidance and Resources

Submitting 2021 Requests to Reconsider Guidance (PDF) This document details the process for the 2021-22 Adjusted Request to Reconsider process, including required forms, request conditions, and CDE review considerations

2021 Local Assessment Tool (Excel)  A submission form for districts and schools on the accountability clock to submit local data as part of the Body of Evidence pathway. 

2021 AEC Local Assessment Tool (Excel) A submission form for Alternative Education Campuses on the  accountability clock to submit local data as part of the Body of Evidence pathway. 

2019 Local Assessment Template (Excel) If an assessment is not included in the 2021 local data tool, use of the 2019 Request Template may be accepted but must be done in coordination with CDE

2021 Request to Reconsider UIP Review Form (Word) The rubric schools and districts will need to meet prior to advancing to the Site Visit stage. 

2021-22 CDE External Review Protocol (PDF) Schoolworks resource for the External Review Team site visit. 


Accreditation and Request to Reconsider Online Form

Accreditation Portal  in UIP Online System 

Districts will now have access to the accreditation form through the same platform as the UIP Online System. Accountability Contacts will be granted access to the form as a tab titled "Accreditation Portal." It is through this portal that districts will submit evidence for the request to reconsider process. 

Technical Assistance

Intent to Submit: If a district or school plans to submit a request, notify CDE using the intent form. CDE staff will follow up regarding technical support. 

Office Hours:  If a district would like individualized assistance reviewing any local data, register for Office Hours. Office Hours will begin August 17 and will be held from 2 - 4 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday until the request to reconsider process concludes.

Recorded Webinar: CDE staff held a request to reconsider informational webinar on Wednesday, Sept. 1st. Passcode *M998eU8

Improvement Planning Support:  If engaging in the Body of Evidence pathway, the department is available right away to support getting the improvement plan to approvable condition.  Contact staff here.

General Request to Reconsider Questions and Support: Contact

Prior Request to Reconsider Decisions and Archive Resources

ADA Archive Icon  Click here to view the archive of prior year decisions and resources.

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