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Standards Revision Cycle Background Information

Standards Revision Cycle

SB 08-212, Colorado’s Achievement Plan for Kids (CAP4K), has a provision that requires the regular review and revision of the Colorado Academic Standards. The first review and revision cycle is set to conclude on or before July 1, 2018 and every six years thereafter.

CAP4K initiated the development of the Colorado Academic Standards which were adopted in 2009 and 2010. This comprehensive development process produced a set of entirely new standards in all ten content areas (comprehensive health and physical education; dance, drama and theater arts; mathematics; music; reading, writing and communicating; science; social studies; visual arts; and world languages,) and English Language Proficiency.

The department is currently developing a strategic plan to guide implementation of this provision of CAP4K along with other major plans and implementation efforts underway (e.g. ESSA state plan, graduation guidelines, adjustments to the state assessment system) in order to ensure that all of the connections among the work are coherently addressed. CDE will share an outline of the timeline and phases of the standards review and revision process in the fall of 2016 in conjunction with this larger strategic plan. All updates will be available via announcement links on the main standards and instruction webpage as well as shared through all CDE communication outlets.

Important Note:

In 2010, the Colorado legislature shifted some implementation timelines within CAP4K. One of the changes moved the first state review and revision of standards to occur by July 2018 instead of July 2015. As CDE conducted a review of CAP4K, staff noticed that a respective shift in the district implementation timeline was not made. Currently, CAP4K indicates that by July 2017 districts should conduct their review and revision of their local standards in light of revisions of the state standards. CDE believes this is an oversight and will be working with the legislature on a technical fix in the 2017 legislative session. CDE will recommend that the legislature amend the date for districts to review and revise their standards to July 2019. CDE will not require nor would it recommend that districts conduct their standards review and revision process in July 2017.

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