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Accountability and Data Analysis Unit Overview

The purpose of the Accountability and Data Analysis Unit is to calculate, report, analyze and use education data to hold districts and schools accountable for student performance and to inform improvement efforts in Colorado.

Address: 201 E. Colfax Ave., Denver CO 80203
Room Number(s): 405

Unit Supervisor: Ashley Piche
Administrative Lead: Kirby Stein
Lead Email Address:
Lead Phone Number: 303-866-6108

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Office Responsibilities

  • SB 163 - Education Accountability Act (Ashley Piche,
  • Colorado Growth Model (Dan Jorgensen,
  • Accountability Training & Technical Support (Dan Jorgensen,
  • School/District Performance Frameworks (Ashley Piche, 
  • AEC Performance Frameworks (B Sanders,
  • Data Analysis (Marie Huchton,
  • Request to Reconsider (Jessica Watson,
  • Accountability Clock (Brenda Bautsch,

Major Projects

  1. The Unit establishes the criteria used to conduct an annual assessment of each school and district’s performance. The Unit recommends accreditation ratings for districts and plan types for schools based on the District and School Performance Frameworks and the request to reconsider process. This includes developing, maintaining and releasing District and School Performance Framework reports with performance data in: academic achievement, growth, growth gaps and postsecondary and workforce readiness. The Unit also reconsiders preliminary ratings based on local data submitted by districts through the request to reconsider process. In conjunction with the transition to the Colorado Academic Standards and aligned state assessments, the Unit is reviewing the current performance frameworks and investigating ways to strengthen the overall frameworks and the measures and metrics included within, as well as incorporate the new requirements in the Every Student Succeeds Act.
  2. Perform and report growth calculations for the state. Colorado leads a national effort for the use of student growth percentiles in education. With the transition to new assessments, the Unit is developing guidelines for determining the validity of using student growth percentiles calculated from two different assessments for reporting, planning and accountability purposes, as well as provide guidance to data users around using the results for different purposes.
  3. Publicly report education data at the state, district, school and student level to provide stakeholders with the information they need to advocate for improvement. This includes visioning and designing reporting systems such as those on , which provide data in a way that is easy to access and understand.
  4. Support CDE, districts, and schools in using data to understand performance. This includes providing professional development and technical assistance in understanding and interpreting data (in the aggregate and disaggregated by student subgroups) and using data within improvement planning and resource allocation. Support includes analyzing state level data as well as some of the most common local assessments. With the transition to new assessments, the Unit will support data users in understanding appropriate and meaningful data for trends in the transition years.
  5. The Unit will coordinate the development and delivery of a recommended action for schools and districts on Year 5 of Priority Improvement and Turnaround for the Commissioner’s review in partnership with the School and District Performance Unit and the Improvement Planning Unit. The recommendation will be based on information from the State Review Panel, quantitative data analysis, supports provided by CDE, UIP reviews and other information from stakeholders across the Department. Additionally, the Unit will analyze student performance data for low-performing schools and districts, including the quantitative data analysis included in the CDE recommendations for schools and districts at the end of the five year accountability clock. 

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