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School Turnaround Leaders Development


Leadership is a critical factor in creating a welcoming, equitable, and productive school environment in which students learn and consistently demonstrate strong academic achievement and growth and in which teachers are empowered to learn and grow professionally and collaboratively. In LEAs and schools needing improvement, leadership is acutely important. This support and grant offers an opportunity for Colorado educators to connect and partner with leadership development programs that are specifically focused on developing leaders to serve students in low-performing schools. The School Turnaround Leadership Development (STLD) grant opportunity funds and connects teachers, aspiring leaders, and school and LEA leaders to attend leadership development programs with identified providers.

Individuals that participate in the School Turnaround Leadership Development Grant will have the opportunity to attend one of the identified leadership development programs. Participants are expected to develop capacity that will directly impact student learning.



Eligibility. LEAs with schools identified for Comprehensive Support (CS), Targeted Support (TS) and/or schools on the accountability clock (i.e., Priority Improvement, Turnaround, On Watch) are eligible to apply. Applicants may apply to receive training from approved providers to support school turnaround leaders – principals, teacher leaders, or LEA-level or Institute administrators or employees that support targeted schools.

This grant opportunity may be accessed along with any other CDE support and/or LEA-designed proposal. It would be expected that proposed leadership training is aligned with other school and LEA efforts.

Prioritization. In the event that not all proposals can be funded, highest priority will be given to applicants that:

  • Have not previously received awards for the School Turnaround Leadership Development Program
  • Are a Small/Rural LEA (fewer than 1,000 students)
  • Are not currently and have not previously engaged with any of the School Turnaround Leadership Development providers
  • Demonstrate a coherent plan and capacity to systematically support the training based on the application
  • Are in good standing with turnaround leader providers from this grant or other engagements


Grantees are required to use funding from this grant to:

  • Identify, train, and support: teacher and aspiring school leaders, current school leaders, district, charter organization, or Institute level staff who support identified school(s);
  • Subsidize the cost of school turnaround leaders and other support staff to participate in turnaround leadership development programs; and
  • Reimburse school turnaround leaders for the costs they incur in completing turnaround leadership development programs offered by identified providers.

An “identified provider” is a public or private entity that offers a high-quality turnaround leadership development program for Colorado Educators. See below for a list of identified providers. By applying for funding to participate in one of the identified provider programs, you are not guaranteed acceptance or enrollment. Each identified provider has a limited capacity and number of slots for each program. In addition to submitting this application for funding, applicants should also contact targeted providers to initiate their unique application process.

Funds from this opportunity must be used to supplement and not supplant any federal, state, and local funds currently being used to provide activities. There will be no carryover of funds. Unobligated funds will be returned to the CDE.


Month Activity
January Award Notifications

January – April

Awardees complete any and all application procedures with Identified Provider

May – Onward

Awardees participate in leadership programs



The grantee will track the effectiveness of persons who complete a turnaround leadership development program and report the effectiveness to the department on or before July 1 of the year following the training. Each grant recipient must report on the following through a survey evaluation:

  • Number of people who participated and in which programs;
  • Schools served;
  • Impact on student achievement and school culture, specifically the following pre and post data;
  • Plan type and percentage of points earned as measured by state SPF;
  • Student achievement and growth as measured by a viable local assessment;
  • Student culture, as measured by average daily attendance, chronic absenteeism, referrals, etc.; and
  • Change in principal or aspiring leader’s actions/behavior, as measured by self and staff assessments.

No student or educator Personally Identifiable Information (PII) be collected through the Turnaround Leaders Development Program. All grant program evaluation data will be collected in the aggregate and will be used, shared, and stored in compliance with applicable laws and CDE’s privacy and security policies and procedures.

Grantees will be required to submit Annual Financial Reports (AFR) at the end of each spending year.


  • The grantee will work with and provide requested data to CDE within the time frames specified on the evaluation requirements.​
  • The grantee agrees to develop specific contracts with identified leadership development provider programs.
  • The grantee will complete all reporting requirements as indicated above.
  • Once identified schools named within the approved budget are set, other schools cannot be swapped in.
  • Grantees that would like a change in provider must submit a formal request to CDE before services are rendered.
  • Grantees will be required to submit Annual Financial Reports (AFR) at the end of each spending year.
  • Unobligated funds will be returned to CDE.
  • Any additional expense beyond what are approved in the application will be the responsibility of the LEA.
  • The grantee will submit their final participant roster to the LEA and the CDE School Performance Office by May 31, 2020.
  • The grantee will not discriminate against anyone regarding race, gender, national origin, color, disability, or age.
  • Funds will be used to supplement and not supplant any federal, state and local moneys currently being used to provide Turnaround Leadership Development services and grant dollars will be administered by the appropriate fiscal agent.
  • Funded projects will maintain appropriate fiscal and program records and fiscal audits of this program will be conducted by the grantees as a part of their regular audits.
  • If any findings of misuse of these funds are discovered, project funds will be returned to CDE.


The Colorado Department of Education may terminate a grant award upon thirty (30) days’ notice if it is deemed by CDE that the applicant is not fulfilling the requirements of the funded program as specified in the approved project application, or if the program is generating less than satisfactory results. Project modifications and changes in the approved budget must be requested in writing and be approved in writing by CDE before modifications are made to the expenditures. Awardees should contact Evan Davis in the Office of Grants Fiscal Management for any modifications: (303) 866-6129,



School Turnaround Leaders Development Grant Identified Providers and Programs




Aspiring Principals Program

Leadership Development for Turnaround Schools

Foundations of Principal Supervision

Generation Schools Network

Turnaround Leadership Program

Public Consulting Group​

Turnaround Leadership Supports

Relay Graduate School of Education​

Instructional Leadership Program

National Principals Academy Fellowship (NPAF)

Principal Manager Program

University of Denver 

Turnaround Leadership 


Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies (ELPS)

Turnaround Success Program

TNTP​ PLUS Program

Turnaround School Improvement


Who Can I Contact For More Information?

Kate Bartlett
Turnaround Program Manager, School and District Transformation
720-765-6082 | Send an email