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News Release - Basalt teacher named Colorado Teacher of the Year

Oct. 26, 2015

Basalt teacher named Colorado Teacher of the Year

Interim Education Commissioner Elliott Asp announced today that Leticia Guzman Ingram, an English language development coordinator, history and math teacher at Basalt High School in Roaring Fork School District RE-1, is the 2016 Colorado Teacher of the Year.

As the new Teacher of the Year, Ingram will get many professional development opportunities through the National Teacher of the Year program and will even get to attend a ceremony at the White House and go to Space Camp for a week.

Adams State College, Colorado Education Initiative, SMART Technologies and Colorado Free Masons provided sponsorship for the award.

“Ingram is one of those multi-faceted educators working to build an inclusive school community,” said Asp. “She creates a classroom where students from different backgrounds feel safe to practice together and learn together.”

Ingram was selected for the honor based on her experience, passion and expertise with English learners and their families. She demonstrates excellence in all levels:  she has an outstanding rapport with her students, colleagues, parents and administrators, while also contributing to world communities when she works with Teachers Across Borders. She constantly strives to perfect her craft, and her impact on the community is immeasurable.

Diana Sirko, superintendent of Roaring Fork School District RE-1 says Ingram stands out among teachers. She says, “She is a tireless advocate for her students and works hard to help their families engage with the school and recognize the important role they play in supporting their child’s success.”

Ingram has taught at Basalt High School for the last five years and at Basalt Elementary School for five years prior to that. She continues to volunteer internationally over the summers, working with Teachers Across Borders to support teacher development in high poverty areas around the world.

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