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News Release - State board denies Sheridan accreditation rating appeal

March 12, 2014

State board denies Sheridan accreditation rating appeal

The Colorado State Board of Education met for its regularly scheduled meeting on March 11 & 12. Highlights from the meeting include:

Sheridan Accreditation Rating Appeal

The Colorado State Board of Education voted to deny Sheridan School District 2’s appeal of its 2013 accreditation rating of Accredited with Priority Improvement. Sheridan was asking that their accreditation rating be changed one category higher, to Accredited with Improvement Plan. The change in rating would have moved the district off the five-year accountability clock. Sheridan’s position statement and presentation, along with CDE’s position statement and presentation are available online. 

Turnaround/Priority Improvement District Presentations

In the coming months, the state board will hear from school districts with accreditation ratings of either Accredited with Priority Improvement or Accredited with Turnaround Plan. The board will hear an overview of successes, challenges, major improvement strategies, vision for how the district or school(s) will show significant and sufficient improvement to get off of the accountability clock and an explanation for how the district is supporting its lowest performing schools. Here’s a schedule for future presentations:

  • April 10, Adams County School District 14, Karval School District RE-23 and Pueblo City School District 60
  • May 15, Sheridan School District 2, Montezuma-Cortez School District RE-1 and Ignacio School District 11 JT
  • June 12, Julesburg School District RE-1, Aguilar Reorganized School District 6 and Rocky Ford School District R-2

This month, the board heard from Adams County School District 50 and Vilas School District RE-5. Adams County School District 50 serves approximately 10,000 students in the North Metro area. The district has an accreditation rating of Accredited with Priority Improvement Plan and is entering Year 4 on the accountability clock. Improvement efforts in the district have been heavily focused on implementation and refinement of the Learner-Centered/Competency-Based System (including work on the instructional infrastructure, as well as shared mission, vision and purpose); development of systems to improve postsecondary and workforce readiness; implementation of the district’s blended services model, which articulates the manner in which students access intervention support and increased community engagement. Vilas School District RE-5 is located in Baca County, in the southeast region of Colorado. The school district serves approximately 54 students in one K-12 building in Vilas and another 73 students through their K-8 online school. Vilas is Accredited with Turnaround Plan and is entering Year 5 on the accountability clock. The district is focusing on three areas: instruction and use of data; professional development to support staff in curriculum, instruction and assessment; and leadership and educator effectiveness. 

Assessment Implementation Study Update

Staff updated the board on the department’s assessment implementation study that is underway. CDE is working with WestEd, a nonprofit education research agency, at no cost, to research the state’s assessment requirements, gather data from districts, teachers, parents, and charter schools regarding the implications of the requirements, and submit findings and recommendations to the department. The department plans to use the information to make any needed changes to administration policies and procedures, and use the recommendations to highlight any policy changes that might emerge from the findings that would address unintended consequences of the new assessment system. To view the update, click here

State Board Reports

State Board Chairman Paul Lundeen informed fellow board members that he plans to ask them to vote at their April 9-10 meeting on a call to action to the General Assembly to repeal the 2012 law that required Colorado to participate as a governing member in a consortium of states developing a common set of assessments. Pursuant to that law, Colorado became a governing board member of PARCC, the Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers. Chairman Lundeen asserted that the General Assembly overstepped its authority by directing the state board to join a testing consortium. A discussion and vote on the call to action will be placed on the April 9-10, state board meeting agenda. 

Other Action

The state board approved rules for the administration of statewide accountability measures for the Colorado public school system, Charter School Institute, public school districts and public schools. 

The state board approved Denver Public Schools’ proposal for waivers of Colorado revised statute and regulations pertaining to alternative teacher preparation and induction.

The state board approved the notice of rulemaking hearing for the dance endorsement rules. The rulemaking hearing is anticipated in June.

The Colorado State Board of Education will hold its next meeting in April at the Colorado Department of Education, 201 E. Colfax Ave., in Denver.