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Major Initiatives


The Office of Adult Education Initiatives is committed to providing leadership and support to the field of adult basic education in Colorado.

Our major initiatives promote positive learner outcomes by supporting accurate data collection for continuous improvement, a well-trained instructor workforce, increased access through distance learning, relevant professional development, and targeted support for instructors.


Career Pathways

A career pathway is a series of connected education and training programs, work experiences, and student support services that enable individuals to secure a job or advance in a demand industry or occupation. Career pathways promote seamless transitions for learners from one training provider to another. A full career pathway incorporates seven core components of an adult career pathway: academic skills, personal needs, job entry skills, career focus skills, employability skills, career and technical skills, and advanced skills.

Professional Development

The AEI office supports participation in Professional Learning activities that are most effective to meet the needs of all adult educators. Emphasis includes research-based practices that integrate webinars, workshops, online courses, etc. into local practices.

College and Career Readiness Standards

The College and Career Readiness Standards are a framework for adult student success.  These standards provide a format for strengthening curriculum and defining what all students should be expected to know and do.  

High School Equivalency

As of April 2016, three high school equivalency examinations can be administered in Colorado: GED, HiSet and TASC. CDE-approved testing centers may choose to administer one or more of the high school equivalency exams at their discretion. AEI encourages adult education programs to have open lines of communication with testing centers regarding the exams that will be offered in your area so that you can coordinate how to best serve your learners. For more information, visit the High School Equivalency Testing Program.

Data Reporting

Data collection and reporting is an essential component of the accountability system for funded adult education programs. It is utilized to meet National Reporting System (NRS) requirements, provide targeted and intensive technical assistance to improve the quality of programs, and informs monitoring and site visits.

Raise Awareness

 Adult education programs are vital to the success of our families, communities and economy. Thus, it is important that all staff in adult education programs are not only able to articulate what the program offers, but can also explain how adult education is a dynamic partner for businesses, school districts, higher education, community organizations and more.


Partnering is a primary theme of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). Adult education programs are charged with partnering with core and required partners such as workforce centers and vocational rehabilitation, as well as other organizations in their local communities to reduce duplication, increase efficiencies and ultimately ensure the learner is able to navigate the one-stop system seamlessly to receive the services he/she needs to meet individual and family goals.  

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