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2019 Summer Institute on Deaf-Blindness and Significant Support Needs - Responding to Challenging Behavior: Developing Meaningful and Functional Instructional Strategies

Event Date and Time

Wednesday, June 19, 2019 - 8:30am to Thursday, June 20, 2019 - 4:30pm


When planning for the instructional needs of students with deaf-blindness and/or significant support needs, we must recognize our responsibility as the “avenue to the experience.” We have a charge to make the learning and teaching criterion both functional and meaningful with emphasis on respectful, “quality of life” interactions. This two-day presentation will provide strategies to assist in the development, selection, and implementation of various behavior intervention techniques, as well as “frameworks” to help determine chronological, age appropriate activities, that are purposeful and learner specific.


• Identify specific frameworks for developing meaningful behavior intervention practice
• Recognize brain activity that occurs during behavior demonstrations that interfere with learning/teaching
• Navigate a task analysis with unique considerations for creating meaningful/functional, and chronological age-appropriate instruction
• Apply “self” skills which promote safety and accountability when intervening during challenging behavior demonstrations.
• Demonstrate intervention practices that emphasize ownership of behavior
• Re-evaluate practices involved in data collection for the purpose of writing productive behavior intervention plans

About the Presenter

Jo Mascorro is an independent consultant who provides training throughout the nation in areas specific to behavior intervention practices, communication strategies, parenting skills, and programming for students who experience severe/profound disabilities (birth-adult). In addition to requests for speaking engagements as a keynote and/or breakout presenter, Ms. Mascorro is frequently called upon to write Functional Behavior Assessments / Behavior Intervention Programs and provide information that assist staff with creating proactive interventions and/or crisis management teams, for students whose behaviors are highly disruptive to the learning/teaching environment.
She has over 40 years of experience in the field of Education and received both her Bachelor and Master’s degrees from Texas Tech University. Author of the three part, audio CD series, “Don’t Look Now. YOUR Behavior is Showing!” Ms. Mascorro is a native Texan, and resides in San Antonio. Come learn from a truly engaging trainer – we are bringing her back after a long hiatus – this will be informative and fun!

Additional Information

Public school personnel involved in the education/instruction/supervision of students (Pre-K thru 12) with significant support needs, including, (but not limited to) deaf-blind and multiple disabilities and experience challenging behavior demonstrations. This training is open to
teachers, administrators, and special-service providers). It is capped at 100 participants.
**PLEASE NOTE: This training is not open to paraeducators as the expectation is that the professionals attending the training bring content back to their districts for customized training for paraeducators working with specific students.
There is no registration cost for this training, except for a tuition fee for those who want to take the course for one university credit through UNC. It is expected that the UNC tuition will be $65.
The course will be offered for up to 15 CDE / ACVREP clock hours. One graduate level semester hour will be offered for those participants who attend the two full days and write an application paper.
This is a two day training for all participants. All participants must attend both full days to receive the clock hour certificate. If someone does not attend the full training, they will not receive a prorated clock hour certificate.
We have limited funds for travel support. The registration form (see link below) will query the need for travel support based on miles away from the training event.


Lowry Conference Center
1061 Akron Way
Denver Colorado 80230

Contact Information

Tanni Anthony
Phone: 303.866.6681

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